With so many people starting new eating plans and gym routines right in preparation for summer, I thought I would share the ten things I wish someone had told me when I started my transformation journey years ago. I would suggest printing these out and keeping it somewhere you can remind yourself of them every day.

1. Your first workout will be hard – Because your body is used to little to no exercise, you may feel a bit sick.

2. Don’t listen to the negative voice in your head – Halfway through your first workout, there will be a voice in your head that will tell you to quit, but don’t. If it was easy everyone would have a six pack.

3. Remember to fuel up before your workout – Not sweets or energy drinks or even pre-workouts. Actually eat something substantial, e.g. a banana, or a slice of Low GI whole grain toast with some nut butter an hour before your workout.

4. Listen to your personal trainer – If you have enlisted the help of a fitness professional, then listen to the professional. Their job is to push you. Don’t try to negotiate to do less reps or shorten your workout.

5. Form is everything – Never sacrifice good form for more reps or heavier weights. An exercise will be more effective if you are doing less quality reps with lighter weights, than trying to be a hero doing more reps with heavier weights but bad form. Don’t feed into your ego.

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6. Hydrate – Water is your friend during a workout and always, if you feel thirsty, make sure you have a water bottle close at hand.

7. Use a sweat towel – I all too often see newbies and others coming to workout without a towel. It’s basic gym etiquette to wipe down yourself and a machine you were just using in oder for the next person to use it.

8. Dress for success – If you look the part, you feel more confident. You wouldn’t go to work in you pajamas would you?

9. Stay the course – Be patient. Consistency is key. You want to see results? Well then don’t veer off the plan. Parties, drinks and junk food will always be there and always taste and feel better in your imagination when you’re not having it.

10. Re-affirm daily – Write down your goals and re-affirm them every day.


Happy Healthy Fabulous