The days are getting warmer and the weather more pleasant – this is exactly when one should feel inspired to get your workout routine outdoors. Luckily there are so many ways in which to do so. I’ve tried and tested a few of them and have the lowdown on them for you.

The list however, is almost endless!

1. Walking: It’s the simple, free and most underrated way in which to get your sweat on, young or old, fit or unfit – walking is a great way to get a workout and burn calories. In order to make it challenging – try keeping it brisk and not too slow and you’ll be amazed at the amount of calories you burn. Grab a friend and make it a catch-up session too. Go walking in a Botanical garden or along the beach front if you’re near the coast. Make sure to walk in safe areas and if you’re a woman, avoid secluded routes.

2. Running: If you’re up for a bit more of a challenge, try a light job or a run. There are so many running clubs out there, check in your area if there is one available. It’s a great way to stay motivated and meet new people. If you’re in Johannesburg, the Nike Running Club is a free club that anyone of any age or fitness level can join. The coaches are great and the pacers for each running speed are a great motivation. This time of year, trail running is stunning! But again, make sure to run in a group, only carry your essentials with you for safety sake.


3. Group Training: If running is not quite your thing and you’d prefer a group workout scenario, there are boot camps of all shapes and sizes all over the place. In Cape Town there is a private gym called the HIIT Club that offers outdoor workouts when the weather is beautiful and they have a stunning backdrop with Table Mountain behind them and the Cape Town Stadium in front of them. In Jozi, there are so many great workouts, me favourite being the Nike Training Club – another free class anyone can attend.


4. Outdoor Yoga: This time of year there are so many studios/ yoga instructors offering outdoor yoga classes, even beach yoga. Check out @yogaworksSA on Facebook to find out about all their amazing outdoor yoga events. They regularly hold ‘Yoga in the Park’ classes every Sunday morning and is great for all levels of yoga practise. Check at your local yoga studio to find out if there are outdoor yoga classes available in your area.

5. SUP Yoga: Summer is the perfect time to try your hand at SUP Yoga (Standup Paddle Yoga). I tried this, and it is so much fun! It is becoming a huge trend overseas and locally. This one, is best left to those who firstly – can swim (in case you fall off your paddle – which WILL happen) and then secondly are more experienced in their yoga practise. You need a strong core, as doing the yoga poses on water poses a whole new challenge. It’s great fun though! Read all about SUP Yoga here.


6. Cycling: If you’re keen on seeing the world from two wheels, cycling is a great way to get a workout and have fun while doing it. Well, if you’re more competitive, you can invest in a proper road bike and challenge yourselves by riding harder routes with big hills or perhaps if you prefer to get among nature, try mountain biking, just realise this can be a lot more risky, there is a saying among mountain bikers, “Its not IF you fall, it’s a case of WHEN you fall.” If you don’t mind the bumps and bruises, the Mountain biking community is huge! Try the Vitality Cycling group which is great, or the Cycle Lab group just to name a few. It’s great to join a cycling club in order to perfect your cycling technique which is so important if you want to do it competitively for like a a Argus Cycle Tour or a 947 Cycle Challenge. If you’re just keen to go for a leisurely peddle, there are bikes you can rent by the hour on the Sea Point Promenade in Cape Town for the whole family! Its so much fun and safe for the whole family and safe to do because you don’t go onto the actual roads but can just cycle all along the beach front paved pathway.

7. Swimming: Taking a dip in your pool at home and knocking out a few laps is a great way to workout and stay refreshed on a hot summer’s day/night. Alternatively, you could head for the ocean or a tidal pool and do the same! Make sure it’s a safe place to go swimming and that you are a strong swimmer if you’re heading for open waters in the ocean.

8. Play Ball: Have a tennis racquet? Or perhaps a rugby ball or soccer ball – then you have all you need to get in a great workout. I love playing tennis when the weather is great outside! It’s an amazing workout engaging your core and calling on those fast twitch muscles to get around the court in a challenging game. Don’t discount playing a bit of touch rugby or a fun soccer game with your family or friends – you’ll be amazed at the amount of calories you’ll torch.

9. Beach Volleyball: If you’re lucky enough to live at the coast or are going on holiday there this festive season – then be sure to join in on the numerous beach volleyball games that’ll no doubt be happening on the beaches. People will come and erect their volleyball nets and most are happy for anyone to join in. I know on Clifton 2nd, or Clifton 4th in Cape Town, there are always nets up and groups are cool people happy for anyone to join in.

10. Surfing: I saved the best for last. I adore surfing and it is probably one of THE MOST FUN things you could do in your life. It is a great workout and will get you working that core and especially that upper body. Also, it just sounds cool to say, you’re a surfer! lol! The beginner place to go in Cape Town is Muizenberg Beach, Surfer’s corner – there are several surfing schools there where you and your whole family can go for lessons. In Durban, there are several surfs schools as well along the beach front.


I hope these will inspire you to get out there and find your ideal way in which to get a workout and have fun with summer!


Happy Healthy Fabulous