FabuFit was started in July 2014 by TV and radio personality Wardah Hartley after her dramatic weight loss and lifestyle change. She identified a gap in the market for a local voice that South Africans could relate to. Her company ‘s main aim is to educate people about what the options are with regard to health, fitness and wellness products and services.
FabuFit’s tagline is “Happy, Health, Fabulous” – because that’s what it’s really all about, the key to finding the best version of yourself, through good health, happiness and looking your best.
“It’s not about being fat or thin, it’s about being healthy – the best version of yourself,” says Wardah.
FabuFit aims to educate South Africans in two ways – through this information hub and holding regular FabuFit events where attendees can try out a new kind of workout and learn more about the best products and services with regard to health and wellness.
Wardah adds, “We want FabuFit to be people’s first port of call when wanting to know anything health or wellness related. This website is an information hub that people can trust.”