Most people think that getting up early for me is easy. I leap out of bed every morning and hum a happy tune while I skip off to gym. They think I am always happy to say no to the bread and creamy pastas or chocolate cake – the truth is it’s just as hard for me sometimes to get to gym or make healthy choices like anyone else.

Living a healthy, fit lifestyle is a series of choices every day. It takes sacrifice, dedication and a hell of a lot of willpower. So, when I Iearnt about Nike Women’s #BetterforIt campaign, it really resonated with me. I have never really gravitated to Nike before, simply because their messaging never really connected with me. But this one does.

It’s so simple and yet makes me feel a part of a bigger sisterhood of women who all feel the way I do in the morning but gets to gym anyway, and does what they need to do anyway, knowing they will be ‘Better For it’ at the end. (Youtube – ‘Better For It’ and watch all the clips – you’ll see what I mean)

If anything, keep that in mind ladies, so when you have a busy day ahead, you’re tired, you probably could think of 100 other more seemingly important things to do – but taking that 30 minutes to an hour of time out just for you is important – do it for you – you’ll be ‘Better For It’.

Happy Healthy Fabulous









What I am wearing: Sports bra, Vest, Leggings, sneakers, bag – Nike
Photography: Hemisha Bhana