Consider this post a bit of a ‘check-in’ for anyone reading this. Working on a daily basis with different people with varying fitness goals, I see people’s motivation fluctuate. It’s quick to spot those that are committed to their personal journey because they are consistent, welcome feedback and advice from us as the trainers and are willing to push themselves a little bit more every time they show up to workout.

This is what garners results. Those small wins every day that maybe is not noticeable to others but only to you, it all counts, it’ll all make a difference in the long run when you look back on your journey.

I’ll tell you what won’t get you anywhere fast and WILL leave you frustrated and probably quitting altogether –

1. Doing the bare minimum when you work out – I see it so often, people come up to the selection of weights and choose the lightest possible option, not for any particular reason but purely because they don’t want any kind of struggle, however they do also want results – the two don’t work together.

2. Take loads of breaks and is more interested in scrolling social media and taking selfies than working out.

3. Not staying the course – quitting after you perhaps plateau or hit a mental block. It’s normal to hit a plateau and sometimes even to gain a kilo or two and especially for women, this is so common because of water retention, hormone levels around menstrual cycle etc. This is not the end of the world. Keep going! You’ll see!

4. Being dogmatic about your exercise regime, don’t get too attached to it, if it’s become a little too easy for you to breeze through it, chances are your body has adapted to it and it is no longer challenging you or changing your body. Don’t be afraid to mix things up.

5. Using a ‘cut and paste’ approach to your eating plan – So a particular method of eating or diet worked for a friend of yours, so what do most people do – well, if it worked for her, why don’t I just eat exactly the same and I’ll have the same results. WRONG! This is the lazy approach to nutrition. Not taking the time to understand the biology of your own body is a huge disservice to yourself. It’s so important to know that everyone’s bodies are different no matter how similar they may appear, what works for one may not always work for another. Take the time to go see a dietitian and understand how your body responds to food, so that you can make informed decisions when it comes to what you consume and you are not shrouded in fear when faced with food that is not part of your daily routine. Also, so you can see real results with your transformation goals.

So, in closing, are you doing your best when you do find time to exercise? Are you pushing yourself out of your comfort zone? Are you putting in that tiny bit more of effort in order to see that shift? Ask yourself these questions from time to time and be honest – you only have to answer them for yourself.