Most of us want to eat healthier and make better choices for ourselves and our families. There are so many voices out there screaming at us from the shelves of shops encouraging us to buy their products.

Navigating the nutritional maze as a layman is no easy feat. If only we all had a nutritionist with us every time we went shopping in order to advise us as to what’s the best nutritional options. Food packaging can be so misleading, using clever catch phrases to get us to believe they are healthier than they really are.

That’s where the ‘Eat Well, Live Well’ programme is there to help. It takes the guess work out of shopping for healthy products. I love that all you need do is look out for the ‘Eat Well Live Well’ stamp of approval on products which helps one make better nutritional choices for your family.

Every ‘Eat Well Live Well’ product provides you with an easy-to-read and easy-to understand Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) table on the packaging that will tell you exactly how much of the high risk nutrients you are eating.

Guideline Daily Amounts or GDAs help you to maintain balanced and healthy eating habits for you and your family. The GDAs provide the amounts of nutrients in food that you need to monitor. Your GDA is not a target you have to reach, so aim to keep levels below the recommended amount.

I love saying this because it’s what I live my life by, but being healthy is a lifestyle and not a short lived fad diet – so a programme like ‘Eat Well Live Well’ encourages an overall healthier lifestyle, which therefore makes embracing healthier habits more sustainable.

Visit the website : to find out more about the programme and how you could make better choices for yourself and your family. More than that – there are even great healthy recipes you can download for free to prepare healthy, delicious meals for your family.

A happier and healthier tomorrow, starts today.


Happy Healthy Fabulous