So, at this point, you may have realised after ticking most, if not all the boxes of our checklist that you are definitely NOT living your purpose. I have been there and if you’re anything like me, at this point your head will be flooded with negative thoughts trying its best to keep you in your comfort/fear zone, “This is crazy! You have a permanent job. Jobs are hard to come by, you can’t just give up your job to follow your dreams!” or “This is all good and well, but I have mouths to feed, bills to pay, my passion or purpose can’t guarantee me that! The job I have right now can.”

So, what do you do, you stick it out one more year at a job that is killing your spirit and making you unhappy. One year, turns into two, five and next minute you look you have spent ten years of your life in a job that is leaving you feeling deeply unhappy.

What I realised with my own experience with this is that,  this is just the fear talking, creating scenarios designed to keep us in the comfort zone, where things are safe and predictable and the fear will use anything it can to maintain the status quo – even lie.

Our qualified life coach Simone Naidoo will shed some light on this further…

Simone Says…

You were born to live a life filled with meaning and purpose.

Myth no.1 is that you were born to be ordinary. What this means is, you’re born to get a job, pay bills and die. Now I’m being dramatic here On Purpose because I hope this will shake you awake. Most people are doing just this, getting paid 12 times a year, buried in debt, living like zombies and will eventually die.

Your first step out of your ‘non-purpose’ life is to realise you deserve more. You are a divine being endowed with creative gifts and talents that the world desperately needs, if you only believe this to be true.

Myth no.2 – “following my purpose will mean life is easy”. NO! Whether it’s working in corporate, entrepreneurship or a hybrid of the two, it will never be easy. The same challenges will be faced anywhere. What purpose will do though is help you overcome these challenges easier. That’s because you’ll love what your doing and love (self-love) makes the journey easier to bare.

Myth no.3 – “I can’t turn my passion into money.” YES YOU CAN! Anything that you love, you’ll put your all into. You’ll use your intellectual, emotional and spiritual gifts to create. You can commoditise anything in our time and with the gift of technology, we can bend reality to our will. Never believe that you can’t make money from your passion. Yes you can.

As you can see with all these myths, they exist in the mind and that’s why changing your mind-set is key for realising your purpose.


Happy Healthy Fabulous

Simone Naidoo is the founder and CEO of On Purpose Personal Development. Her approach to personal development is holistic ( IQ & EQ) and as such she is a Life Coach & Inspirational Speaker; Herbalife wellness coach and runs workshops and seminars. Her company’s mission is to help people do their life’s most important work: Figuring out who you are and what your purpose is. 

You can contact Simone via her website:

Photography: Pictures of me – Hemisha Bhana

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