If you’ve been following this life changing series from the beginning, we have taken you through a careful journey of discovery to your purpose driven life. You’re nearly there.

In this final post in the series I would like to share my personal journey with you. This particular series is really close to home for me because I have been going through a transition myself from a career I have been doing since high school really, starting at community radio till now – that’s well over 20 years. I really thought it was my calling and perhaps for a while it was but as human beings we change and evolve and fall in and out of love with different things.

Through my weight loss transformation and subsequently healthier lifestyle and the awe inspiring people I have had the privilege of meeting and now calling my friends. I have fallen completely in love with health and fitness and could think of nothing better to do with my time.

Let me be clear – my purpose has always been ‘to help people’, and I did fulfil this for a while as a journalist, but for many years that stopped being the case. It was only through finding wellness and fitness that I realised I wanted to express and live out my purpose through this now.

So, I have been studying for my personal training qualification and moonlighting in my free time as a group training instructor – this only affirmed my desire to pursue a career in this industry more.

Am I scared and nervous – yes, of course – anything new and unknown is scary. But this has been something I have been building up to since last year and put active steps in place to make my career change.

Simone will take you through what those steps are…

Simone Says…

When you are ready to take the leap into your purpose there are some mental, emotional and practical steps you need to take. This is not an exhaustive list but more of a guideline on what direction to take. Sitting down with your coach to discuss your purpose path will lead you to a tailor made solution and game plan.

Bare these mental, emotional and practical aspects in mind when taking the leap:

  • Mental Leap: change and re-program your beliefs about success and worthiness daily. Mirror work, journaling, visualization and affirmations are essential protocols for the person of purpose. The mind is the first place the battle needs winning. 
  • Emotional Leap: forgive your wrongdoers now! And that includes yourself. You are going to need emotional mastery on a whole new level and you need to free up life energy to get there, so forgive everyone including yourself now and channel all your energy and emotions into building your dream life.
  • Practical Leap: this is a biggy! Pay off unnecessary debt now! I mean all those expensive debts, like overdraft, personal loans and store and credit cards. You have no idea what financial demands your purpose may make on you and you don’t need a noose of debt tightening around your neck.

Remember you were not made to pay bills and die, you were meant to live a life filled with meaning! So find your purpose…


Simone Naidoo is the founder and CEO of On Purpose Personal Development. Her approach to personal development is holistic ( IQ & EQ) and as such she is a Life Coach & Inspirational Speaker; Herbalife wellness coach and runs workshops and seminars. Her company’s mission is to help people do their life’s most important work: Figuring out who you are and what your purpose is. 

You can contact Simone via her website: www.on-purpose.co.za

Photography: Main Picture – Hemisha Bhana

Picture of Simone: Supplied