It seems everyone I know is getting eye lash extensions or has been getting them done for the last few years. I have always been in two minds about them, hearing conflicting information as to whether or not they are even good for your natural lashes.

I finally decided to take the plunge and have them done at the 27Pinkx Beauty Bar in Centurion. I was a tad bit nervous about the whole process, not sure what to expect. Right when you arrive at the salon, you are immediately greeted with the ambiance of calm and tranquility and luxury. This automatically put me at ease. Being a total layman to the process and what extensions to get, I left it entirely up to the professionals to decide on length and style.

The entire process takes two hours to have a full set of lashes done, and what I didn’t know and realized afterwards is, it’s probably best to not wear your contact lenses for the process as the glue does make your eyes sensitive added to having to keep your eye shut for two hours or so – not a good combination.

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I chatted to beauty expert and co-owner of 27Pinkx Beauty Bar – Khatija Ahmed, about the trend.

1. When did the eye lash extension fad taken off, because it seems like such a huge trend now?

Khatija Ahmed: “It’s definitely been in the last 3 years or so, and I think what’s sort of promoted the lash extensions are celebrities, like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, all of them have really inspired people to do lashes and what’s nice about it is, people no longer consider it fake, it’s part of their beauty routines, it’s normal to go for a facial, it’s now normal to have your lashes done.”

2. What is the trend to watch?

KA: “There’s the Russian lashes, that’s nice for a 3D effect, like your very fluffy, very full lashes, and with those lashes you can design your lashes. It will keep on advancing, now people are doing individual lashes, I think a year from now people will want 3D lashes, those who have been doing natural individual lashes will ask for fuller lashes, I know, when you start up you start out very natural, and it sort of becomes an addiction, where you just want more and more and it’s not full enough. So I think the trend is going to keep on growing. I also feel like it’s going to become part of one’s grooming routine.”

Tea with Khatija

Do’s and don’ts of eye lash care maintenance

DO try and avoid rubbing your eyes too much.
DO use an oil-free cleanser to remove your makeup, preferably anything that is water based.
DON’T use oil on the eyelids, because it loosens the glue.
DON’T put water on your eyes for the next 24 hours after having your lashes done. If you shower, avoid direct contact with water, just use a cotton pad and lightly wipe around your eyes.
DON’T freak out, you may experience some shedding, that’s just your natural lash falling and part of the natural shedding process.
DON’T wear mascara with it, what you can do is take a dry mascara wand and brush your lashes every now and again when needed.

Khatija adds, “If you want to have lashes done, but you have a sensitive eye, ask for medical grade glue, which is suitable for all types of eye, however, with the medical grade glue, it has less of a stickiness and hold, so it won’t burn your eye as much, when you’ve just had them done, but your lashes won’t last as long.”


MY VERDICT: For about three days after the procedure, my eyelid area was sensitive, but it did subside thereafter. I have been using an eyelash curler and a dry mascara wand as suggested by Khatija to maintain them. I have had gradual shedding and could probably go for a 2 week fill at this stage. I liked that it made applying my makeup time much shorter and I always looked like I was wearing makeup even when I wasn’t, simply by the addition of the lash extensions. I think I may just become one of those addicts sooner than I think!


27Pinkx Beauty Bar is situated at 1261 Willem Botha Street, Weirda Park, Centurion.
Contact: 012 660 1028

Full set of lashes: R450
2 week fill: R200
3 week fill: R240
4 week fill: R350
Removal: R150

Photography : Hemisha Bhana