Somewhere between leaving high school and ‘adulting’ (hard!) – it’s easy to be jaded by society, life’s ups and downs and things just generally not turning out the way you’d planned.

High school version of Wardah was fun, dramatic, silly and was always up for a laugh. Grown-up Wardah, became a tad bit too serious, pessimistic and disillusioned with people, simply because they let me down so much. Thanks to social media showing us the constant ‘highlights reel’ of everyone else’s ‘AMAZING’ life, one cannot help compare and think one is a failure.

It’s not a very positive, productive space to be in and it can only lead to a downward spiral into depression. I don’t however think I am the only person feeling this way, I think this is a disease running rampant in this social media age – we all think everyone else is living the dream and our lives are just – well – shit!

The truth is, no one is quite as happy as they portray on social media – perhaps some of the time but everyone has their ‘bleh’, ‘meh’ days.

This summer, I decided to rekindle old high school Wardah, the one who could find the humour in just about any situation. I realized sometimes the best thing to do is not take life so hopelessly serious and learn to laugh at yourself and have mindless fun.

It’s amazing how this approach can be the best thing for your soul and your well-being – sometimes taking the pressure off oneself and letting your inner child out to play can yield better results in your adult life.


What I am wearing: Bottoms – Billabong; cropped t-shirt – Billabong; hat – Woolworths; Sunglasses – RayBan; Sneakers – Converse All Stars; Jewellery – Romeo Foxtrot Designs

Photography: Tegan Smith


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