You’re spending time at the gym keeping your body fit, what is keeping your hair fit and healthy?
For people that wash their hair as frequently as gym goers, it’s more important than ever to use products that will maintain the moisture, body and healthy texture of your hair.

I have a few tips to keep your hair in tip-top shape…

We’re so conditioned today into thinking all professional hair care is good for us but surprise surprise this is not the case. Most treatments and conditioners contain something called ‘dimethicone’. This is more commonly known as ‘silicone’. You may ask why silicone is bad for your hair. Silicone coats the hair in a layer giving you the illusion of healthier, frizz free hair.

However, in reality, it causes the hair to dehydrate and shrink. If you want to maintain the health of your hair, you need to cut out any products that contain silicone.

Now that your routine is silicone free, you need to make it sulphate free. Sulphate and sodium chloride are found in most shampoos and will suck all the moisture out of your hair. For all you gym bunnies that are shampooing your hair every day, cut out the sulphates for luscious locks. I recommend using 3 More Inches Pre wash treatment.

Put it on your hair before you go to the gym, allowing it to soak in for a minimum of an hour and then wash your hair.

Washing your hair regularly won’t dry it out, but using heat while styling will. Either diffuse the hair or use a heat protector while styling to protect the hair from further damage.

The next thing to avoid is oil infused products. Generally these products will have a very low percentage of actual oil and will be full of silicone. Unless you can find one that’s 100% pure oil then I would avoid the product completely.
Eg. 100% Pure Argan Oil; 100% pure Coconut oil (organic and cold pressed)

Staying hair active, becoming more attractive.

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Gustav is Style Director at Michael van Clarke in London.
Gustav Fouche