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The Fabufit Yoga and Movement Online Studio is a library of workouts which include, yoga, HIIT and strength training all presented by Wardah Hartley. These workouts are designed for the busy person, who wants to get a bit healthier and fit but lacks the time to workout at gyms or at scheduled group workouts.
This is a library of on-demand workouts you can access at your convenience where ever you are.
All the workouts are for all fitness levels.
With a strong emphasis on good form, Wardah breaks down every movement to make sure you get the most out of your workout and protect yourself from possible injury.

Wardah believes health and wellness is a right for every human being and should not be reserved for the elite. That’s why this online library is priced at a rate that is accessible to people on a tight budget.

The price for membership is R 199.00 per Month.

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