Fabufit | My Fitness Journey – Rushda “RushTush” Moosajee
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My Fitness Journey – Rushda “RushTush” Moosajee

When I think about Rushda “RushTush” Moosajee – one word springs to mind – ‘feisty’. This lady is completely unapologetic in her approach to life. And you know, what? I LOVE that about her. I am not the only one though, with a huge social media following and a highly successful ladies only gym in Cape Town, many women must feel the same way I do about her.

It’s quite strange that our paths never really crossed as adults while I lived in Cape Town (she told me we went to the same high school, she was a grade or two below me). But once I moved to Johannesburg and developed my love for health and fitness, it was then that we connected.

So, you may be asking, why is RushTush – as I like to call her (cause that’s her catchy social media handle) part of my Women’s Month Campaign, the answer is simple – she is empowering women every day through her business, teaching moms, wives, young girls to have self love, prioritise their bodies and their health and embrace who they are.

She’s an awesome woman and we are so proud to feature her on FABUFIT this month…

Name: Rushda Moosajee
Age: 31
Occupation: Personal Trainer, Owner of Cape Town Ladies studio – ‘Glow’, wife

1. What inspires you to get out of bed every day?
My purpose on this earth, a gift given to me by my creator, to help, inspire and add value to women who need it.

2. What does a typical day for you entail?
My day is governed by my business and brand. So I’ll do whatever a Rushtush needs and wants to do. A lot of training, mostly twice per day, hopefully a nap, lots of feeding and cooking, admin, training my girls, signing women up to my challenge, sending diets and plenty of laughing in between.

3. How did your health and fitness journey start?RushTush poster pic
Functional fitness and kettlebells changed my physique and body years ago, I never looked back. My business and brand grew organically with not much force and effort, just through my expressive passion on Social Media. With that over the years a responsibility developed, and I am here now, helping women all over the world who feel stuck.

4. Why is health and fitness so important to you, and how do you prioritise time for yourself?
It’s a no brainer, its part of me, its non negotiable. I’m very strict with my schedule and myself. I let nothing and no one breach my focus.

5. What is your favourite way in which to exercise?
Running out door in the mountain. Lifting heavy kettlebells.

6. Women often body shame one another and themselves – what is your opinion on this?
I could write an essay on loving yourself and respecting others. Women are diverse and complex, our bodies are reflections of so many things. Genetics, upbringing, diet, exercise, hormones and stress. I think that the sooner we learn to love ourselves, enjoy our unique fitness journey and become one with our bodies – in the sense of heart, mind and body, once that connection is made you are truly the captain of your own body and goals are limitless. When you are truly happy you won’t have space for negativity.

7. What would be your top three healthy habits you would suggest other women adopt?
– Move everyday! Whichever way brings you joy!
– Don’t be shy to take photos of yourself for yourself!
– Stay focused! Protect your focus, put those ear phones in and drown out the noise!

8. Life is all about balance – what is your favourite indulgence?
So many! I always eat whatever I want!

9. Women have proven they can accomplish great things when given the space to do so – how would you like to see women do greater things in future?
I want more women to believe in themselves. I need more women to be brave and fearless and follow their dreams or even small goals. I feel people are at ease when women are made to feel they have to be boxed or compartmentalized. Who says you can’t do it all or have it all and be who ever you want to be?

RushTush beach pic


Rushda is dressed by Tally Weijl.

Photography: Hemisha Bhana (shot on location at News Cafe Rosebank)

Photo of Rushda – her own.

This FABUFIT Women’s Campaign is in association with BelVita Breakfast Biscuits.

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Happy Healthy Fabulous

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