Once in a while it’s great therapy to have a bit of good old fashioned girly time with a friend.
My friend and beauty blogger, Mary Lu and I got together to test the new range of nail polishes from LCN.

Mary has some nail art skills, unlike me, I volunteered to be her guinea pig. I didn’t mind one bit because she was so good at it!
I was thoroughly impressed with LCN’s nail polishes – the intensity of the colour, thickness of the varnish and its durability once on. I am a regular gym girl (yes, even now, while preggers!) and this nail polish did not even chip or fade.

It dried super quick as well!
The new design of the actual brush is also really great! its short bristols and thicker wand as well, so making it able to cover your entire nail in varnish in one stroke.

Check out our little tutorial fun below!


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