I love bringing you guys inspiring stories that will urge you to pursue your dreams and reach your full potential. Nike Women’s newest campaign, ‘Believe in More’ is doing just that – inspiring women to strive for more and take that leap of faith towards their goals.

Nike identified six women who’s stories epitomise what this campaign is all about. They are some of South Africa’s most admired young women, the squad includes world champion Caster Semenya; 800-meter running specialist Gena Lofstrand; professional trainer Zaakirah Khalek; fitness personality Sbahle Mpisane; professional dancer Tarryn Alberts and media entrepreneur Cassandra Twala.


I chatted to one of these amazing women – Nike Trainer, Zaakirah Khalek, who took a huge step this year.

“I have been sitting with this predicament for about two-three years now, let’s say about four years, while I was in corporate, it was going well, I was working hard, but I wasn’t giving it 110% of myself. I knew that if I actually worked 110%, I would do really well in corporate. It was always because the passion and I would always day dream and just imagine about my own fitness thing. So in 2016, I gave myself a deadline, I need to make a decision – I either stay in corporate and give it 110% or I change career paths and make this thing work. I took that jump and it was a long calculated decision.”

Zaakirah Khalek

This past weekend the first step towards her dreams materialised when she launched her company, ‘Fit Club’ (www.fitclubsa.co.za), “It’s an exclusive ladies training facility and that’s going to be my fitness studio. I will be giving classes to kids later on in the year, mobile training and small group training for females only,” she explained.

This coming weekend however, Nike Women is hosting their biggest event yet! 1000 ladies will get together led by the four Nike NTC trainers (including Zaakirah) for a 90 minute sweat session that will be more like a music concert than an exercise class, but that’s all the information I could get out of them and Zaakirah! I cannot wait to attend and see what it’s all about to share it with you!

I love this latest campaign from Nike – with a fresh year beginning, we all have a fresh start to pursue our goals and ambitions and make them a reality, whether they be career, personal or fitness related, just go out there and give it your all! Sometimes we need to take that leap of faith and trust that we will find our way …


Happy Healthy Fabulous

Photography: Courtesy of Nike