I don’t usually like to get too gushy about any event or product because I feel you may think I was paid to say it then, but I can assure you this is not a paid for spot and I must be forgiven for being gushy this time!

The Nike Women Live event was awesome! Close to a thousand ladies got together to workout for a solid 90 minutes! Sprinkle in some amazing performances from local artists РBusiswa, rappers Yanga and Khuli Chana as well as NikeWomen squad member and professional dancer and choreographer, Tarryn Alberts, with her crew busting some serious moves and you have the recipe for an epic fit party!

Let’s also not forget the live DJ’s keeping us going throughout the workout.


But why am I telling you about an event that has already passed? It’s because it was all about the NikeWomen campaign “Believe in More” – inspiring women to pursue their dreams and aspirations and any campaign that is empowering women I am in full support of. I could see women left feeling invigorated, inspired and pumped to pursue their goals for 2017, I know I did!! But more than that – the event was also to showcase first hand how the Nike Training Club (NTC) app works. The way it was done was great, they put the actual app on the big screens and we worked through one workout on the app, and everyone could see how easy it is to navigate, which I thought was a great idea!

NikeWomen Live2

I have said this before, but I cannot stress it enough, if you want to hit the gym this year, but are absolutely clueless as to what to do there and cannot afford a personal trainer – this app is absolutely BOSS! Even with all my knowledge, I love using it too, it is always challenging! It is like having not one but several of the best trainers and athletes in the world showing you exactly what to do based on your level of fitness and what you would like to focus on. Best of all it is totally free! No in app purchases of any kind.

This is probably what I like most about Nike, yes, their clothes may cost you a bit, but their events, running and training club as well as all their events (including this one) is totally free of charge. What better way to motivate people and then give them no excuse not to follow through on their fitness goals for the year.

The NikeWomen Live workout was led on a 360 degree stage by the four NTC trainers – Simone, Ziyaad (Zee), Anele and Zaakirah (Zak). They certainly pushed people to their limits!

Nike women live1

If I have now only given you the worst case of FOMO, don’t fret! These NTC workouts happen every Saturday (free of charge but obviously not at this scale) with these same trainers. These NTC workouts are for men and women and totally free of charge.

All you need do is go to www.nike.com/joburg and book your spot.


Happy Healthy Fabulous

Photos: Courtesy of Nike Women

Close up pictures: My own