I know I have been a tad bit quiet lately, but we have been so busy with final preparations for baby’s imminent arrival! I am 36 weeks pregnant and well and truly in the home stretch. My baby boy is getting cramped in my tummy and is starting to show his discomfort more and more each day by pushing up against my tummy wall which is an interesting sensation to say the least.

Actually seeing my stomach bulge in parts where his little limbs try to stretch out has been cool!

But I want to speak about how I have been forced to slow down more and more as my energy levels drop and as the weight of little one presses down on my vena carva artery, the swelling is becoming harder and harder to keep at bay around my feet, even with consuming tons of water and keeping up with my exercise.

So, there have been a lot more pajama days! There is nothing wrong with that. Besides, I’ll be so busy once baby comes, I need to enjoy these last few weeks/days where my time is still my own. But while I may not be dealing with baby yet, I am still thinking and planning for him  constantly. Making sure I have all the right gear and accessories to make him as comfortable as possible!

But it’s not just pregnant women that can benefit from the odd pajama day – you can too. Checking out and just having some time for yourself is healthy for everyone.

I am kinda obsessing over the CottonOn Body jammies! I love these special maternity feeding vests! Comfy and functional. So even when baby comes, I can still look this cute! lol!

What I am wearing: All items I am wearing are from CottonOn Body

Photography: Hemisha Bhana


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