I am 35 weeks pregnant this week, and so far I have been able to get away with giving the maternity wear section in the clothing store a miss. I have been lucky to still fit into most of my clothes and if I did buy new clothes, it was just a size up in the regular clothes.

But in my 3rd trimester it’s become increasingly hard to wear my regular clothes, I had to say good-bye for now to my usually ‘baggie’ boyfriend jeans, that started fitting me like skinny jeans, then they just stopped fitting me at all!

So, I was so thrilled when I discovered Freddy Jeans – Preggie pants! These have definitely given me some of my sexy back! The Freddy jeans brand is well known for sculpting a woman’s best ass-ets and that’s exactly why these preggie pants are so awesome! The special preggie extra high waist that fits over your bump makes it so comfortable and further helps to provide a flattering silhouette.

They are currently my favourite go-to pants and because of the dark colour, they can be dressed up or down – so I am able to wear them to work but also to the movies.
They retail for R2299.95 – which sounds steep, but if you weigh that up against the amount of times you’ll be wearing them (which will be all the time, like I have found) it’s well worth the money!

At this stage in my pregnancy, comfort is king, so it’s a real bonus when I can still look good in clothes that are flattering like these Freddy Preggie Jeans.
They get a big thumbs-up from me!

What I am wearing: Freddy Preggie Pants, Top – TopShop, White t-shirt – Country Road, Shoes – Palladium, Clutch bag – Ruby (CottonOn)

Photography: Tegan Smith

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