I was recently sent the all new ‘Baby Bullet’ the cutest and newest blender in the Nutribullet range of products. If you follow me on social media, especially Instastories, you’ll know that I make all my son’s baby food from scratch. I don’t buy anything ready-made in a jar. I enjoy combining different flavours and creating exciting and tasty combinations for him to try.

Before I got the Baby Bullet I was using my Nutribullet which was serving the purpose. However, getting to try the Baby Bullet has been a game changer. My favourite part of this nifty gadget is not so much the main mechanism (which is similar to the Nutribullet, just packaged more attractively), it’s the handy accessories that accompany the Baby Bullet that I have really loved.

What I liked

I really liked the storage containers – the silicone pop batch trays with lids were helpful and I found it easy to pop out the food once frozen. Unlike with the usual ice cube tray I usually use, which I would have to pour boiling water on the underside of the tray in order to loosen the cubes. With the silicone tray the frozen blocks just easily pops out.

The six date dial storage cups, I love that they have that dial on it where you can track the dates on which you stored the food. Also the smiley face on it, makes it just look so adorable. I used these for Esa’s breakfast food. The tip proof tray is a neat and compact way in which to store all the jars together in one place in your fridge.

The spatula is nice and small so as to get into those hard to reach grooves in the blender so that you can scrape out all that yummy puree.

The user manual and cookbook is also so helpful and provides easy to follow instructions with helpful illustrations. The Pocket nutritionist is always a welcomed addition giving a breakdown from a nutritional point of view of what you should be feeding your child.

The short cups are a nice addition but ones that I didn’t feel the need to use.

What I didn’t like

My son is almost 8 months old, so his portion sizes are getting bigger. I wish I had the Baby Bullet when I first started him on solids because the size of all the containers would have been perfect and he would have had a chance to grow into them.

Right now though, I find the containers a tad small, so for example, I am using two blocks from the silicone pop tray for one feeding, which obviously means the food does not last the entire week. So which means I need to top up my supplies mid week which is not ideal.

The date-dial storage cups are adorable but again, the portion sizes are just under what Esa eats per serving so we have to mash up half a banana into his breakfast with each jar, so that the batch can last for six days.

My only feedback to the Baby Bullet team would be to make the storage containers a tad bigger so that the prepped food lasts longer.

On the whole, if you can afford to buy the Baby Bullet – by all means get it. It’s a fun addition to your kitchen utensils, however, if you already have a Nutribullet, it may just be overkill to get this gadget as well. If you’re like me and are a sucker for cute gimmicky stuff like smiley faces on jars – then you’ll want to get the Baby Bullet.


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