This past weekend I celebrated my very first Mother’s Day. I joined the ranks of millions of women that are pampered and spoilt on this day just for being a mother.

I’m not sure if other women feel this way, but to me – it was more exciting than my birthday, not because of the gifts, because they were simple and classic (chocolates , flowers and breakfast in bed), but it was just the notion that I would be fussed over the same way we have been fussing over my mom for over three decades. It was all very exciting! The best part is that this was just the first of many to come!

It felt so special to know that there was a whole day set aside dedicated to moms – some would argue that we should not just limit our praise for our mothers to one day a year and that perhaps this is just a money making racket (it probably is!) but you know what – who cares! Once you’re on the receiving end of those gifts and attention you’ll be singing a different tune!

I started my day in bed (as one does) breastfeeding my Esa. He got breakfast in bed (as always!) while his dad prepared mine. While it wasn’t the fanciest breakfast I have ever had – it was the most special because of what it was for – it was delicious and healthy too!

I could totally get used to this!

I look forward to the hand made cards and having to pretend to enjoy burnt toast and ‘crunchy eggs’ haphazardly but nonetheless lovingly prepared by my son one day.

Meanwhile – now to start planning Father’s day!


Happy Healthy Fabulous

Photography: Hemisha Bhana