I took Esa for his first session of infant hydrotherapy at the LifeBaby Spa in Fourways, Johannesburg. It was so much fun seeing him get accustomed to the water. I won’t lie, there were definitely some tears too, after all he is six months old and recognising faces and new places, so being in a new environment did freak him out a bit. But he got over that quite quickly once he was in the water.

So this is why infant Hydrotherapy is good for babies:

  1. It can help babies with trapped winds and cramping as the independent floating helps strengthen and stabilise their core.
  2. Continuous sessions carry babies into more stimulation and development cognitively, auditory and visually are heightened and strengthened.
  3. On average ‘water babies’ are usually 6-20 months ahead of non-water peers in oral expression, math and reasoning on pre-school entrance testing 5 years later.
  4. The independent movements help baby develop their own natural balance of their bodies creating a natural placement of muscles and bones, it gains functional mobility in comparison.
  5. These hydrotherapy techniques are specialised to accommodate each baby gaining different strength or aspect from the water – sleep, muscle tone, development, assisting in rolling, walking, teething pains, independence and confidence.
  6. The Massage therapy is highly beneficial too – it has led to weight gain in pre-term infants. They have also been shown to increase vagal activity, gastric motility, insulin and IGF-1 levels following moderate pressure massage.
  7. The infant massage has also shown to significantly decrease paternal stress.

In short – this is totally worth it! I couldn’t believe Esa’s first session was just seven minutes long but as they told me, this is the equivalent of a 30 minute treadmill run – this how intense it feels to a baby to do less than ten minutes in the water.

Have a look at Esa’s full experience here…

If you are interested in taking your baby for a session – babies can start hydrotherapy as early as two days old!

You can contact Life Baby: 011 465 7777 or email them on fourways@lifebaby.co.za


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