So many people already give up before they even begin their transformation, thinking they don’t have the time or perhaps the money for gym. I am here to tell you that going to the gym is not the only way to get in a decent workout. It’s possible to get a workout without even setting foot in a gym.

Need some examples of what I mean? Then you should probably check out MaxiFit YouTube channel. It has a range of videos showing effective home workouts. My personal favourite is this one: ‘How to fit 30 minutes of exercise in your day’. A practical example of how you could easily squeeze 30 minutes of exercise into your, otherwise, busy day.

The workout won’t get you a six pack any time soon, but it will help you live a healthier, happier life – encouraging some sort of exercise, if before you were not able to do any. So, in my book, that’s a great start.

While you’re on the path to a healthier version of yourself, you should make sure you’re getting all your required vitamins and minerals in your food. Sometimes, for various reasons, we’re not always able to do that. I know I am never able to get enough iron in my body, so I make sure I take an iron supplement.

You may have a deficiency you know nothing about, so go consult your health professional and get tested to see what you are lacking, if you are lacking anything.

The range of MaxiVit supplements is a great selection of products to check out.

If you’re determined to make that change – even if your goal is the summer holidays – making small changes, like the ones mentioned above, is the way to do it. Wholesale changes more often than not are never sustainable, however, making small changes like the ones mentioned above is an easy way to help you on your path to better health and vitality.


Happy Healthy Fabulous