If you make one change this year towards a healthier you, commit to reducing your sugar intake.
Here’s why you should:

1. It’s making you fat: The pancreas controls the level of sugar in your blood, but if it is overloaded with too much sugar, it cannot process the sugar efficiently – hence your body then storing the sugar as fat.

2. It’s addictive like any other drug: Much like hard-core drugs – sugar is highly addictive and the more you have of it, the more you crave it.

3. It depletes vitamin and mineral stores in your body: This will in turn cause your immune system to suffer and deplete and leaves you emotionally and physically worn out.

4. It converts to fat quicker than fat: Burning fat is all about controlling your insulin levels. Sugar spikes raise your insulin levels leading to fat storage.

5. It makes you tired: Excess sugar quickly increases your blood sugar levels giving you a sugar high but this is fleeting and is followed by a hard crash that leaves you even more tired than you were before.

6. It wears out your organs: Sugar makes your kidneys and pancreas work too hard, causing them to age at a more rapid rate.


Where is sugar usually found?

1. White refined sugar
2. Fruit Juices
3. White carbohydrates – non organic pasta, bread, rice, cereals and cereal bars.
4. Alcohol
5. Low-fat foods
6. Ingredients ending in ‘-ose’ or ‘oxe’ – It’s simply sugar hiding behind other names like: sucrose, glucose, maltose, lactose, dextrose and fructose.


How to give it up

1. Have protein and a little fat (good fats) with every meal – sugar cravings often come from a lack of both.
2. Take a glutamine supplement – reduces sugar cravings
3. Don’t use sugar as a reward – Find other ways to reward yourself for your achievements
4. Include chromium in your diet – controls your blood sugar levels and can be found in eggs, nuts, mushrooms and asparagus.

This post was largely referenced from Wellness guru James Duigan’s new book, ‘Clean and Lean for Life’. The book is available at Exclusive Books countrywide.

Look out for our one-on-one interview with him coming later this week!

Images from Pixabay