This time of year it is so easy to get caught up in that race to the perfect summer physique. I know I too get swept up in that frenzy. But I have decided to break the cycle and stop the obsessing and I am here to tell you to stop the manic obsessing too. In fact, the stress you are putting your body under just stressing about weight loss is actually causing you to hold on to the weight.

What tends to calm my mind is to remind myself that I have my overall health, my body serves me every day in every way that I would want it to. Also, it’s important to not get fixated on social media. It will drive you crazy if you compare yourself to others, remember pictures on social media can be edited, also, taking a picture with the right angles can make you look amazing and hide one’s flaws, so if you’re comparing yourself to the best pictures of people online, you’re bound to set unrealistic goals for yourself.

Here is a reminder of how to stay calm and sane this summer season:

  1. Don’t compare – You are you and have your own journey to walk. You don’t know people’s real story when you see their pictures online, that image is only one moment in time of that person’s life.
  2. Set realistic goals – If your deadline is December, it’s highly unlikely that you can lose a large amount of weight without it coming back soon after with interest. It’s best to be realistic about your weight and set a goal that is attainable, it’ll make you feel better when you can actually reach a weightloss goal in the appropriate time frame.
  3. Be consistent – Resist the urge to opt for a ‘quick fix diet’ and rather try and be consistent with your exercise and eating regime, and avoid the drastic dieting – it’s a recipe for disaster.
  4. Be gentle with yourself – This is one I try very hard to remember myself! Be kind with yourself, your body is a delicate machine that responds to your emotional and psychological state too, and not just what you consume. So being in a healthy head space goes a long way in living a healthy, happy life.
  5. Stop obsessing! – If you’re challenging yourself with every workout, opting for healthier options most of the time (think 80/20 ratio) the weight WILL start to fall off. And with you not stressing your body out with obsessing , it’ll fall off even easier.


In the end, summer is about having fun in the sun, you can still do that at any shape or size, as long as you have your overall health – you have everything you need!


Happy Healthy Fabulous

Photography: Hemisha Bhana