I am always looking for new speciality fitness classes to try, as regular gyms just seem so, well…regular. So on a recent visit to Cape Town I went to try ‘The HIIT Club’. The name says it all, in that they specialise in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It was exactly the name that got my attention as it was due to this style of training that I lost my excess weight (15kgs) three years ago.

The HIIT Club is owned by seasoned personal trainer, Bjorn Bergins and he is a firm believer in this method of training, “HIIT basically follows a training protocol of bouts of High Intensity (90-100%) followed by bouts of Low Intensity (20-30%) or absolute rest. The biggest reason why it is still regarded as the number 1 form of training to shed fat and get fit as hell,” says Bjorn.The HIIT Club5

According to him, HIIT is nothing new, as Olympic athletes have been using this style of training since the 70s, however it’s only been up until recently that it has gone mainstream.
“Performing HIIT gets you twice the results in a third of the time. I call it training smart. Anyone can do HIIT because it works on time. What you can do in a certain time is up to you, and naturally as you get fitter and stronger, you are able to do more and more,” adds Bjorn.

So, having that said, I tried a few of their classes – each class is different, which I like, so there is no chance of ever getting bored. What’s also nice about The HIIT Club is that classes are never very big. So even though it is group training, you feel as if you are getting individual attention.

The HIIT Club is situated at the Hamilton Rugby Club in Green Point near the Cape Town Stadium, so if the weather is pleasant, workouts are done outside, which is pretty amazing due to its location, there is something to be said to train outside with the majestic Table Mountain as your backdrop while breathing in fresh sea air.Outdoor workout

Most people are intimidated by speciality gyms, mostly due to the crowd that frequents it, the price and the trainers – what I also liked about The HIIT Club is it is not pretentious at all, regular people of all fitness levels go there, as well as professional athletes, the trainers are knowledgeable and thorough and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

We recommend you go give the HIIT Club a try, it may be just what you need to revitilise your training regime and see better results. (see pricelist below)

First class is FREE, but walk-in rate is R100
Class packages are as follows
8-pack -R640
12-pack -R880
16-pack -R1120
Unlimited pack -R1500

Bjorn Wade BerginsThe HIIT Club6
Owner and Head Trainer
Contact: 082 777 5621

All packages are valid for 1 month and designed according to how many sessions you want to commit to per week of a month. For all other information regarding Personal Training and Private group training and corporate wellness rates, please refer to their website.