As this year draws to a close, one cannot help but reflect on the year that was. For me, this has been a particularly eventful one. Great memories and achievements reached and unlikely outcomes too.

The biggest being – falling pregnant! While hubby and I were thinking about babies, we honestly didn’t think it would happen this quickly for us. So here I sit, six months into a life changing journey, busy baking my little human in my belly.
I think 2016 has been a year of huge unforeseen outcomes for not just me, in my life, but for the world as a whole. Who would have thought Trump would be the next US president!

What this year has taught me, if anything is, sometimes, you need to just stop resist the currents of change and ride the wave. One would think this concept would be nothing foreign to me, seeing that I am a former surfer, but hey, sometimes we need these lessons to be taught to us in other ways in order for it to hit home.
Looking to the year ahead – 2017 – will no doubt be a trip of note! But an exciting, blessing filled year. I can just feel it in my bones! I think we can expect some great things, positive things to come our way next year.

I am so excited to see where FABUFIT.CO.ZA will go next year! We have experienced such great things this year and made some huge strides! Next year is going to be even bigger and better!!

I look forward to taking the big step into my womanhood when I give birth to my first baby. I look forward to navigating the tricky waters of parenthood with my husband. (Side note – I have a sneaking suspicion I will not be the strict one! Lol!) I look forward to giving my husband Kashif, the ultimate 10 year wedding anniversary gift of a son! (Let’s see him top that gift! Lol!)

Beach pic

Happy Healthy Fabulous

Photography: Tegan Smith