I made it! 40 weeks pregnant this week and now we wait…

One of the most essential parts of getting ready for the big day and the days that follow is packing your hospital bag. I have personally been dreading packing my bag because as my husband will attest to – I HATE packing a bag, even when we travel, I find the process so tedious. I normally end up over packing because I just throw in everything and so many ‘just in case outfits’ just in an effort to pack as quickly as possible and cover all my basis.

Well, luckily for me, for the hospital, the Medi-Clinic has a cool ‘Mediclinic Baby’ app, that has a detailed list of exactly what to pack so it really takes the guess work out of packing your hospital bag.

So this is what my bag will consist of according to their prescribed list:

  1. 3-4 lightweight, front opening cotton pyjamas (one set per day plus one extra)
  2. Gown
  3. slippers
  4. Three feeding bras
  5. Set of clothing and shoes for discharge
  6. Basic toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc)
  7. Maternity pads
  8. two dark coloured face clothes
  9. Brush, hairdryer and small mirror
  10. All chronic medication and vitamins (approved by your doctor)
  11. small amount of money (for the kiosk)
  12. black pen and copies of both parents’ identity documents for birth registration

For Natural/Caesarean birth

  1. One comfortable t-shirt
  2. Maternity pads
  3. lip balm
  4. socks
  5. baby powder / oil for massaging
  6. Reading material /games (I guess if labour takes forever)

I was so happy when ‘The Mummary’ a company started by certified WOMBS Birth and Postpartum Doula, Yusra Abass sent me their ‘Birth & Postpartum Curated Box’. It was primarily started to help women through during pregnancy, birth and post-natal.

It consists of :

  1. ‘Practical Pregnancy, Birth and early parenting Guide’ book.
  2. The Mummary’s Birth Affirmation Cards : Cards with positive affirmations on them to put you in the right frame of mind to give birth.
  3. Holistic Birthing Passage – a personalised birthing wishes guide for an empowering birthing experience
  4. Birthing ball (exercise ball) – which can be used during pregnancy and as a labour and birth tool.
  5. Rehidrat – because giving birth as I said is like an endurance race – you will get very thirsty and dehydrated.
  6. Bottle of water
  7. coconut water (100% natural – no added sugar)
  8. Raw Earth Wholefoods bar
  9. Perineal disposable instant cold pack – this will help to relieve pain if an episiotomy was done or for natural tearing.
  10. maternity pads
  11. All Holistic Things calendula and beeswax multipurpose balm (certified organic)
  12. Mother Nature Washable Nursing Pads for breastfeeding mothers
  13. The Mummary Nursing cover
  14. ‘Nummies for Mummies’ Berry Nutty Lactation granola
  15. 100% cotton muslin face cloth
  16. The Mummary nursing t-shirt
  17. A ‘Birth with Dignity’ Gown (As an additional extra which I requested) – It allows you freedom of movement without the risk of exposing yourself too much, as it is closed at the back with Velcro fastenings.


You can contact ‘The Mummary’ :



Mobile: 083 786 7251 (Yusra Abass)


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Slippers pictures: Hemisha Bhana

Product pictures: My own