Up till now, baby had been growing at a slow steady pace, but developing all his essential organs, sensory nerves etc in the womb, with little to no discomfort to me. Now, in this final trimester, he is growing in size and with that my belly is expanding all the time at a rapid rate, changing from day to day.

What does this mean? A lot more discomfort – namely, an itchy belly due to it having to expand now all the time, but also itchy bosoms due to them also growing getting ready to feed my young offspring. Not only this, but simple tasks have now become a challenge – something as simple as tying my shoe laces has become a two person job, namely me, sitting there, while my lovely husband ties my shoelaces. I have been lucky enough to have him around to help me while we have both been on leave from work, but I honestly don’t know what I am going to do when he heads back to work.

Being an active gal, my routine has not really changed in this regard Рso as I said, earlier this week, finding gym wear that fits and that is comfortable and looks flattering is key.

On Monday, I showed you some of the beautiful Maternity active wear available at CottonOn Body, but if high waisted leggings are not your style, perhaps the especially designed lower cut leggings are. They are specifically cut lower in the front to not hinder your belly, but sit higher in the back to hide those love handles.

But more importantly, with my little problem of an itchy belly (which is common with most pregnant women at this stage), one wants as little riding up against your tummy as possible, so I have been loving these low cut leggings!

Added to that – the lovely roomy Maternity style vests, that are longer than the regular workout vests, and give plenty of room in the front for your belly, if exposing your belly is not your style.

I like how the styling is trendy and one is still as on point as the non-pregnant ladies.
Have a look…








What I am wearing: Maternity peach vest (medium), Maternity low cut leggings (medium), black sports bra (medium) – All from CottonOn Body.

Photography: Hemisha Bhana


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