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This time of year, the gyms get more packed with all those people desperate to get their beach bodies back before festive season holidays. So it’s a good time, to beat the rush and head outside.

When the weather starts getting more pleasant, it’s a good idea to head outside. The combination of the new environment as opposed to the usual hum drum gym inspires me to work harder and try new workout routines.

Turns out there is some proven benefits to training outdoors:

Training in cold weather

  • Research has shown that we can burn up to 30% more calories training outside

High levels of exercise endorphins 

  • People who train outdoors experience higher levels of post exercise endorphins.

Take a deep breath

  • Fresh air is refreshing and invigorating , you will improve your sense of wellbeing , increase alertness , decrease any anxiety and lower your resting heart rate

Soak up the sun

  • Sunlight helps supply the body with Vitamin D, a nutrient which helps promote the absorption of calcium and provides strength to bones.

My look

I absolutely love my workout apparel, largely because I wear it virtually every day. Most times, depending on how hectic my day is, I don’t always have time to change. So I like to mix my look up with a ‘regular’ piece of clothing – in this case, it’s my trusty leather jacket.

Mixing funky printed tights with some solid colours are always a winner. A little trick ladies, when it’s ‘that’ time of the month and you have to wear fuller panties – your panty line is camouflaged within the busy print of the fabric!

What I am wearing:

Leather Jacket – Zara | Hoodie top – Alternative Apparel (SWITCH Range) | Vest – Lorna Jane Active Wear | Leggings – BroFit | Sneaker – Travel Fox | NY Cap – New Era | Bag – Nike

Photographer: Hemisha Bhana