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I know this sounds strange coming from a Jozi resident – but I am actually a surfer girl. Just before we moved to Johannesburg in 2011, I decided to try something different and learn to surf.

I was so glad that I did because as it turned out, I was not half bad and it came naturally to me. I absolutely loved being in the water (even when I wiped out!), there was a certain serenity that I found out there on my own in the waves, this vast body of water, that could do anything at any moment. It was very humbling.
The added benefit with surfing is that the average person burns 400 calories in an hour in the water, more often than not one spends anything like 1-2 hours (maybe more) in the water.
Every time I go back to Cape Town, I try my best to get back into the water and catch a few waves. As kids, we are encouraged to have hobbies and play sports, but as adults we discard all these and choose the regular methods to workout.
I urge you to try something new, take up a hobby or new sport this year that will challenge you and be a form of good old fashion fun. You may be pleasantly surprised that you have a hidden talent!



Look1 combo


What I am wearing: wetsuit – Billabong; Bikini top – Billabong
Photography: Tegan Smith