When I thought of the brand, I would always associate it with the big and burly Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, because it is his sports brand of choice and he is seen wearing it in all his movies and social media posts. Little did I know that Under Armour is even worn by graceful athletes like Principal ballerina Misty Copeland.

It’s hard to believe the brand started out just selling t-shirts in 1996 and has evolved into this formidable global sports apparel brand.

Under Armour recently entered the local South African market and has aggressively been gaining more ground opening up more and more retail locations – their latest in Sandton City. I attended the launch and was left somewhat impressed by their apparel and strong emphasis on the technology behind their activewear. For them, it goes far beyond just looking the part.

Their apparel all uses a technology called “Threadborne” which is relatively new technology created by Under Armour after examining a parachute, namely the paracord, a strong piece of material that is at the equipment’s core. They also showcased their ‘Cool Switch’ gear which pulls heat away from the body and then delivers a cooling sensation to the skin then also helps to dry sweat away as well.

As a woman though, while I can appreciate the technology behind the fabric of the brand, I can’t help but be mesmerized at the design of their apparel and the clever choice in choosing a beautiful brand ambassador like Misty Copeland as one of the main female faces of the brand. It certainly gives the brand a new perspective.

Price wise the brand is sold at a premium, however no more than any of the other brands out there.

I love my activewear and if you see me walking around running errands more often than not you will see me doing it in my activewear – so as far as I am concerned variety and being spoilt for choice in terms of sports apparel is great! So, if you are keen to diversify your activewear wardrobe – perhaps go and check out this brand.


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