If you are an avid reader of my blog you will know that I have placed a bigger emphasis on personal growth and development. That is largely because I have seen the positive effects it has had on my overall well-being. In truth, it all started when I met Sensei Zahra Said, a 4th Dan Karate expert and yoga teacher who also happens to be a qualified life coach.

She somehow managed to combine all her unique skills set into a fitness and wellness offering which is authentically hers. It is no surprise the business she co-founded with Shehaam Williams is called ‘Authentic Movement’  (Shehaam overseas the Authentic healthy food catering of the business) and in all my years of trying out just about every form of fitness class out there, I have never experienced one quite like what Zahra offers.

She invited me to do her “Wake up the Warrior Woman within’ series, which first peaked my interest. It did just that, it awoke something in me that I didn’t know was there. I wasn’t able to complete that series however, I did the next one “Warrior Woman” and through this I was not only able to see the change it made to me but the many women who attended it.

These are more than fitness classes aimed at helping women get fit, it’s about empowering women to think more of themselves and value their unique place in the world where ever that may be. Through the movement of karate meshed together with yoga we were not only challenged and empowered physically but then also emotionally and mentally empowered through Zahra also using life coaching tools to build self-love and self-worth. The hashtag ‘#iamenough’ formed the key messaging of what she teaches. A positive affirmation which sums up the essence of what Zahra is trying to instill in all her clients that attend her classes.

In her two years of teaching her “Warrior Woman” philosophy, she has helped scores of women become stronger inside and out.

For me, there was something hugely empowering about learning some elements of martial arts.

I wanted you to hear it ‘straight from the horses mouth’ so to speak, I asked her to explain in her own words what inspired her on this particular path of training…

How did your unique style of teaching and training come about?

“I decided to blend yoga and martial arts after being inspired to think out of the box, to explore my body in movement and get creative, comfortable and confident inside and out. I have been greatly inspired by Budokon yoga, i found a great sense of identity in the flow and power of yoga and martial arts combined in a sequence in moments when I jumped into deep horse stance from downward facing dog for the first time my excitement oozed out of me, my body was made for this.”

So how did the life coaching element come about?

“After working with my Life Coach I began to feel really compelled to reach as many people as possible to let them know that full transformation is possible and all you need are tools to aid your personal development process, tools to guide you towards your goals and success, tools to inspire and activate your entire being to want to live the life you desire. Personal development is the home ground for Warrior Woman, planting the seed of self love, personal wellbeing and affirmative thinking we meet twice a week for eight weeks, as we move, we break through our physical and mental blocks, we listen deeply to our needs, our desires, our goals, and we begin to feel what our physical and mental potential is, our awareness of self in movement starts to move through as in our days, we shift emotionally and so we notice shifts in those around us.”

What would you say is the big take away you want all your ladies to leave your classes with?

“Our warrior woman mantra is embrace, immerse, evolve, inspire. Embrace the discomfort, the weakness, the shifts and the changes, immerse yourself in the process, show up, persevere, dig deep, enjoy you evolution, shedding the excess, dissolving pain and achieving incredible strength and flexibility in body and mind and finally to inspire, your journey begins to inspire those around you, your loved ones, family and friends, your warrior woman spirit moves through you and through those you inspire.”

If you are looking to try something different that is somewhat a departure from the usual fitness class, this is it! It’ll challenge you physically, mentally and emotionally and change you for the better inside and out!



Happy Healthy Fabulous

You can contact Zahra Said via :

Instagram – @zahra_said_movement


Cell –  061 085 2006
Photography: Cover pic: Tegan Smith
                          Pictures of Zahra Said: Layla Shaik