My parents would always emphasise the importance of having breakfast. I always opted for porridge, not that I liked it much but rather because it was the quickest and easiest to prepare in the morning. What I hated post downing my oats, was that queasy feeling and bloated stomach. I always thought it was due to me eating too fast or maybe too early in the morning.

It was later in life, as an adult, that I found out I had a mild case of lactose intolerance. I use the word ‘mild’ because like people with a severe case of Lactose intolerance, I don’t get violently ill. I just get bloated and slightly puffy in the face with bad gas for a few hours afterwards.

Either way, it’s not fun, hence me going on a mission to find an alternative, lucky for me, nowadays, there a more than a few options readily available.
A couple of years ago, all the options we have now, was hard to find – one was lucky to find a restaurant or shop that sold soya milk.

After learning that soya milk is not a good option especially for women, I quickly needed to find something better. This is when I decided to give almond milk a try. I even tried making my own, which wasn’t bad but highly labour intensive and expensive as it needed a large amount of almonds to make only a litre or so of milk.


This is when I found ‘Almond Breeze’. Initially, it was not distributed locally but only by special import order at select health food stores – so you know what that meant…paying like R150 for a litre carton – yip, I kid you not!

So when the brand was officially launched last year locally, I jumped for joy! From paying an arm and a leg for a carton, it now retails for a mere R35,00!! Yay!
I personally prefer the ‘unsweetened’- that’s just the health nut (‘scuse the pun) avoiding additional sugar or sweetener in the eating plan. (160 calories per 250ml glass vs 200 calories in the sweetened version)


I literally use it with everything, I cook and bake with it as well as add it to my tea and coffee – for me, it’s the ideal replacement. What’s more is, it counts as part of my ‘good fats’ daily intake.

I have tried other brands of almond milk, even the powdered kind – however, this is my favourite.

One of my favourite things to make with my almond milk is my delicious…

‘Healthy Girl Choc Latte’:
1 scoop of chocolate protein powder
A single shot of espresso
125ml (1/2 glass) of Almond Breeze almond milk (warm it slightly but not hot!)
Mix the protein powder and milk in a blender or with a hand blender. Then add the single shot of espresso. Sprinkle with a pinch of ground cinnamon if you would like another added flavor kick.
Absolutely so yummy and delish and a great healthy treat!

Happy, Healthy, Fabulous