I recently was in Woolworths waiting in line to pay for my groceries and was resisting “The Gauntlet” as I like to call it – the sweets and chocolates on either side of one as you stand in the queue to pay.
I was delighted to stumble across Woolworths new ‘RAW Bars’. Admittedly, I was quite sceptical at first, as Woolies has been trying for a while now to bring out a line of “healthy” products – they have been hit and miss, with some of their “healthy” products containing all sorts of preservatives and added sugar and salt.
But on closer inspection of these RAW bars, I was delighted to see that these bars are really made with whole foods, no added sugar or salt or any other nasties. Best of all, they are also gluten free.Support Pic4a
They come in three flavours:
• Almond & Cocoa & Coconut Date Bar (156 calories)
• Almond & Macadamia Date Bar (168 calories)
• Cashew & Coconut Date Bar (156 calories)
I tasted all of them – they are all super yum! But my favourite was the ‘Almond & Cocoa & Coconut Date Bar’, cause it was delicious and chocolatey.
These are certainly a much healthier option if you do feel like a sweet treat. However, I must caution you, these RAW bars can still cause you to gain weight if eaten in excess or eaten at the wrong times of the day.
Let me explain – these bars would be a great pre or post workout snack, or a snack on a hike or during any endurance sport, but I would caution eating them late at night. If you do want to enjoy them during a work day – I would perhaps suggest having half in one sitting.
For kids – this is the kind of sweet treat you should steer your kids to have rather than regular chocolate bars – a great addition to their lunch boxes (they could have a whole one). But again, in moderation – make it a twice a week treat, not a daily addition.
Price wise – these bars are quite well-priced. At R14.95, they are competitively priced as opposed to similar RAW bars like ‘Nakd bars’ which range between R18-R22.
Nice one Woolies!