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Body Harmony Retreat

7-12 July 2024

The Body Harmony Retreat is a 5-day exploration of movement and nutrition.

About Wardah

Wardah Hartley is an advocate for healthy living. She is dedicated to making health and wellness accessible to everyone. She is the founder of Fabufit Yoga and Movement, a personal trainer, group training instructor and vinyasa yoga teacher. 

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Why you should start doing yoga

Why you should start doing yoga

This article is a bit of an ode to yoga but let me start off by saying that I didn’t always feel this strongly about yoga. In fact I was rather on the fence about the whole practice for many years. I was awkward and inflexible and just a general...

Make healthy eating fun!

Make healthy eating fun!

I have met so many people over the years of training that would tell me they eat exactly the same meal for lunch and supper and sometimes even breakfast – and honestly I could think of nothing worse. How boring! I get why they do it, because it...