About Us

I started FabuFit in July 2014 after my dramatic weight loss and lifestyle change. I identified a gap in the market for a local voice that South Africans could relate to. Initially, my main aim with Fabufit was to educate people about what the options are with regard to health, fitness and wellness products and services. 


FabuFit’s tagline is “Happy, Health, Fabulous” – because that’s what it’s really all about, the key to  finding the best version of yourself, through good health, happiness and looking your best.  It’s not about being fat or thin, it’s about being healthy – the best version of yourself.



But the brand has evolved over the last six years and has become so much more than just an information hub for those looking to live a healthier and happier life –Fabufit has added another element to the brand and that is conscious movement.


After nearly 20 years in the broadcast journalism, I decided to embrace my love of health and fitness as a fulltime job and grow this business into something people could interact with everyday in person! In 2018 I became a fulltime personal trainer, group training instructor and since 2019 – also – a 200hr Vinyasa Yoga teacher.


With this addition, the Fabufit brand, morphed into “Fabufit Yoga and Movement”. I was briefly based at my own location but quickly realised it made us inaccessible to many women that did not live in close proximity. So it was this that made me decide to make the brand more mobile again, go back to my routes of hosting Fabufit events and doing collaborations with various top wellness and fitness brands to enable the brand and me to connect with more people.


I want FabuFit Yoga and Movement to be people’s first port of call when wanting to know anything health or wellness related.

This website is an information hub that people can trust, but now also, entrust me with their exercise and movement whether that be traditional exercise, High Intensity Interval Training or yoga.