Where did the time go? It’s already the first week of September – Spring, and you are no doubt thinking about the summer holidays and beginning to regret all that comfort eating you did throughout winter.
I am thinking the same thing – Luckily for me, I have been doing the gym thing all winter and tried to eat healthy at least 70 percent of the time.
I’m here to tell you it’s not too late to get on track and shed those extra kilos you may have gained over the winter months.

Here is what has worked for me:

1. Start Moving – You may not be enthused by hitting the gym, but go for a 20-30 minute walk or run. The point is, with the weather getting more pleasant – try and get outside and doing something physical. Perhaps get encouraged and inspired by attending a group training class like SWITCH Playground (Lonehill in JHB and Bree Street in Cape Town).

2. Make small changes – I see it all too often, people go off the deep end in the excitement of wanting to lose some weight before summer – so they embrace weird diets, or make wholesale changes to their eating habits. They are therefore only able to keep it up for a few days and then crack under the pressure and binge eat.
My advice, make small changes that you can stick to – like, start drinking more wS03_0453ater, instead of that soda or juice, replace it with a glass of water. You’ll be already cutting out a chunk of your usual sugar in take and that is bound to make a difference to your waistline already. Try to replace one fast food meal with a home cooked meal – even if you’re not much of a cook, a home cooked meal is always going to be healthier than a mass produced burger or pizza.

3. Have breakfast – I cannot emphasise this point enough, starting your day with a good breakfast is one good way to start your eating patterns for the rest of the day off on a good note. Have some oats (add some berries and chia seeds), or some eggs and toast (LOW GI Bread). Make this a non-negotiable – I personally, would rather excuse myself and be late for a meeting or work than miss breakfast.

4. Give yourself an incentive – Some people work better with having a goal in mind. There are so many fun runs, marathons or obstacle races coming up – pick one that you would like to do and start preparing for it. I myself, am preparing to do the Soweto Half Marathon, in the past, I have made the 947 Cycle challenge my goal or the Argus Cycle Tour or Two Oceans Half Marathon. Having a deadline in place – makes it easier sometimes to stay focused. It may not be a sporting event if that’s not your thing – you could use a wedding you’re attending or an important function as a deadline to work towards too.

5. Be consistent – Whatever you decide to tackle your fitness/health journey this spring, keep at it, stay the course and be consistent, it’s the only way you’ll start seeing results.

6. Stay with me – Last but not least – stay with me on  fabufit.co.za and I’ll keep providing you with useful tips and advice as well as workouts you can use to stay the course. Let’s do this together!



Happy Healthy Fabulous

Photography – Hemisha Bhana