Esa is 7 weeks old this week and I am slowly but surely finding my feet. As a mom one is pre-programmed (generally speaking) to put your baby first and yourself and everything else afterwards. Often times, we as women put ourselves last. The idea of having guilt-free ‘me-time’ is unheard of.

Last week I wrote about getting back into training and how good it’s made me feel. I do find myself however constantly thinking about Esa, is my husband coping with him and just generally missing him. But I forget that, it’s just as important for me to take care of me too, that means not neglecting my exercise, making time to have my nails, hair and brows etc done. Yup! That’s just as important and we don’t need to apologize to anyone for having these things done ladies!

If those are not necessarily important to you, you must enjoy doing something for yourself and getting ‘time off’ to go and do it is nothing to feel bad or ashamed about.

If we feel good, and look our best we can only be a better asset to our families. It’s bad enough we are tired all the time due to broken sleep but we most certainly don’t have to look it.

As for husbands/partners sharing the load, just a reminder ladies they are not doing us a favour – the child is 50% theirs so they should in all fairness carry half the responsibility of taking care of the little one. Even I need to remind myself of that when I start feeling guilty about leaving my son with his dad to focus on me.

Remember time for you is not a luxury it’s an essential part of maintaining your wellbeing for the benefit of you and your family. So, do yourself a favour and book yourself, a hair appointment or a massage and take some time out of your busy schedule to take care of you!


Happy Healthy Fabulous