If you are reading this then I am so excited for you that you have taken the brave step to delve into your subconscious mind and heal yourself on a deeper level. Since starting my fitness/health journey almost ten years ago, I have realised that mental and emotional health is a huge part of healing / changing what everyone sees on the outside. My approach to wellness is more holistic. That’s why this ‘Self-Love Series’ is so important to me to share with you.

I recently started seeing a life coach because trying to do things on my own, work through certain personal issues and problems on my own was just not garnering the results I wanted, I knew I needed professional intervention. This is why I enlisted the help of a life coach in the form of Simone Naidoo.

In the past two months of seeing Simone I realised how much of what I thought of myself informed every decision I was making in my life be it for my relationships (friends, family, romantic), finances, health, career or my personal development. It was all being sabotaged by negative limiting beliefs I was carrying around and reinforcing every day. It is ultimately seated in one simple lie most people are feeding themselves every day and that is “I am not good enough” (So how can I love myself, when I can’t even do that, or achieve this”). So that’s why I said, it is all so easy to say, “Love yourself! It’s so important,” and it is, but for many there is so much work to be done and baggage to let go of before you can fully say and believe that you do value and love yourself.

By Simone teaching me ways in which I can reset my mind and reframe my negative thoughts and values – it’s like a fog has begun to lift and I am seeing my life in a whole new light. This is what I would like for every one of you!

So having that said, each blog post till the end of June will give you one more practical tool you can use in your life to put you on the road to ultimately reach ‘self love’. You will hear from me giving you my personal accounts of each of these tools and then the professional voice on this from my life coach Simone Naidoo (@on_purpose_sa).

THE TOOL: A Self Love assessment

There is a “wheel of life” that is applicable to every human being on earth – the wheel is made up of the five areas of our lives – Health, relationships (friends, family, romantic), career, finances and personal development.

What we would like you to do is assess all these areas of your life. Rate each of these areas on a scale of 1-10 (1 – being really bad and 10-being excellent/amazing)  based on how you believe you are performing.

  • Health
  • Relationships ( this includes friends, family & romantic)
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Personal development (any way you are furthering yourself to live your life’s purpose)


A word from Simone on why this ‘Self-Love Assessment’ is necessary to kick-start your journey…

“Awareness is the starting point of any and all ‘self-work.’ You can’t change what you don’t know. This is the purpose of the self-love assessment tool. As a life coach, in my client’s initial assessment session, I use a tool similar to this to ascertain their personal development needs and get a holistic view of their growth work.

I will tell you, as I do my clients, that it’s important we see things as they are. Not worse than they are and not in a denial state either. When we can clearly see what’s not working, we can get about the business of growing. Not fixing, but growing. You are not broken, you are perfect, whole and complete as you are; and growth is an expression of self-love. So, GROW, THRIVE and LOVE YOURSELF.”

Have your results got you curious to dig deeper? Well on Monday 18 June we give you one more tool for you to venture further down that rabbit hole! Stay Tuned!


Happy Healthy Fabulous

If you would like to contact Simone Naidoo you can do so via her website : www.on-purpose.co.za

Or email her: info@on-purpose.co.za


Main picture : Tegan Smith

Picture of Simone Naidoo – supplied