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Workout With Wardah

I love designing my own workouts. It’s fun and keeps me challenged. People are always asking me for my workouts, well now people can come to this page on the FabuFit website and find great effective workouts that I do to keep toned and in shape.

I usually do two circuits – two rounds of each.

Warm-up: 3-5 minutes of skipping
Circuit 1

  • 15 squats
  • 15 lay-down push ups
  • 24 stationary lunges with 3-6 kg dumbbells
  • 50 mountain climbers

Circuit 2

  • 24 step ups (12 a side)
  • 15 tricep dips
  • 20 reverse lunge with bicep curl (10 a side) (3-6kg dumbbells)
  • Plank for 30 seconds

End off with skipping – 30 second intervals (4 sets)


DISCLAIMER : If you are attempting exercise or a workout of this intensity for the first time, please consult your doctor first and or a fitness professional. 

  • Faizel
    Posted at 20:03h, 14 October

    I have picked up so much since my move to jhb… I’m lazy to work out so I won’t even ask for an easy routine. So this website inspires me and made me want put on my running shoes and run a mile… (kidding maybe just 100m) please help me lose my fat around my belly and the muffin tops (back fat) lately I hate looking in the mirror and just want to feel great and healthy again. Can you help?

    • Wardah Hartley
      Posted at 16:04h, 15 October

      Hi Faizel, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, changing your body and lifestyle does take some effort and sacrifice on your part. Keep visiting our website and start by going for a walk everyday. Half your portion sizes on everything. Try only eat fast foods on the weekends. These small changes will already make a difference. Good luck and let us know if you need any more tips.

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