I recently got all glammed up for a special night out. I could think of no better place to go than the 27Pinkx Beauty Bar. Co-owner and beauty expert Khatija Ahmed shared some of her top tips and some trade secrets to looking fab for a night out…


1.FACIAL: Get a facial one week before you want your skin at its best. This will allow any residual blotchiness to fade and be replaced with a gorgeous ‘look-at-me’ glow.

2. EXFOLIATE: Start the day by giving yourself a full body exfoliation during your morning shower and apply a hydrating moisturizer after. Exposed body parts will look radiant in your evening wear.

3.BRIGHTEN: Apply whitening eye drops to your eyes before you apply your makeup. It will instantly brighten your irises and make you look well rested.

4.CONCEALER IS KING: When it comes to makeup, concealer is your best friend. Brighten up your face with dabs of concealer under your eyes to mask dark circles, the outer sides of the nostrils to hide redness, and to cover any blemishes.

5.HEALTHY NAILS: Make sure your nails are polished or buffed, or coated with a clear protective coat.


6.WHITEN TEETH: Before applying your lipstick brush your teeth with baking soda to make your teeth look whiter and remove any stains

7.SILKY HAIR: Condition your hair really well the night before or use a good sleep- in hair mask, this will help tame frizz.

8.LASHES GALORE: False lashes will make you look phenomenal! Try strip lashes or lash extensions.


9.SMELL GREAT: Perfume is one of those wonderful beauty products that takes very little effort, but has a huge impact on how people see and remember you. Your hair actually carries perfume the best. It also creates beautiful sillage, which is the scented trail left by the perfume wearer.

10.SHIMMER: Before you run out of the house, apply some shimmer to your collarbone, décolletage and shoulders.




27Pinkx Beauty Bar is situated at 1261 Willem Botha Street, Weirda Park, Centurion.
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Happy Healthy Fabulous

Photography : Hemisha Bhana