It may not feel that way right now, with the weather up and down from day to day, but summer is around the corner, and you are no doubt looking to get beach ready.
We’ll be stepping up our gym review focus, showcasing what’s out there and making our recommendations of what you should try. Giving something new a go is a great way to get motivated and excited about working out again.
Our newest contributor, personal trainer and WBFF Bikini Diva Champion, Angelique Roux, recently went to try out ‘Arena’ in Morningside Mall, Johannesburg. She shared her expert opinion on the group class concept and makes her recommendations…

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There are so many group training classes out there to try. So, as new ones pop up, they have an ever increasingly difficult challenge of providing a unique offering to would-be clients.

‘Arena Wellness’ Co-owner, Buchanan Jantjes believes his new concept has a unique product offering, “We are a lot more athletic based. So we are high intensity interval training, and we have basically taken the periodisation cycle and compressed it all into one hour. So it’s high intensity, we focus on core, strength, agility, movement, speed and endurance. That’s what makes it so different because we’re so high intensity and so high endurance.”


The concept at ‘Arena’ was a good split of cardio and functional weight training. The class was comprised of three minutes treadmill work where you walk, run or sprint, after which you dash to the floor for three minutes of functional weight training.

The one problem I came across was the fact that beginners were sort of left in the dark with no explanation of what or how the class would be carried out. When I got onto the treadmill I had no idea which speed to run at or how the split (walk, run, sprint) I was meant to be pushing at. Another thing was that there were several trainers on the floor, none of whom did any correcting of form or explaining the exercise. Apart from those areas of concern for me, it was a great way to kick-off my day. The class was effective and really got me working up a sweat. The vibe was cool, the main class instructor had a good energy.

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Price wise, I’d say it was value for money and affordable to the mainstream, ‘average Joe’.
A single class will set you back, R165, with students getting a special rate of R100 a class. There are no joining fees, but if you would like to attend regular classes, there are various package options.

‘Arena Wellness’ blew my mind and metabolism through the roof. I give this class a rating of 7 out of 10.

Check out their website for more details: or download their App.

Angie was kindly dressed by Lorna Jane South Africa.
Photography: Hemisha Bhana

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