I am writing this after a long day of over indulging all part of Eid celebrations. This is to mark the end of another month of Fasting.
The average person on this particular day (as I am sure is the same for Christmas or any other religious holiday celebrations) uses as license to eat as much of whatever they want with no guilty conscience. But for the health conscious like myself, a day like today could send you into a flat panic.

You can’t tell your elderly aunt, you’re lactose intolerant and you’re not really keen on bad carbs. She’ll look at you funny.

So I’ve learnt a long time ago, to just go with the flow, write off the day and deal with the consequences later.

This is my survival guide I have been using the past few years to get back on track :

1. Get straight back into it – I don’t delay and am back in the gym the very next day. But I try not to push too hard after a month of fasting and erratic training – in the past I would get flu if I pushed to hard too quickly.


2. I don’t dwell too long on what I ate on Eid day. It’s over, it’s done. It’s just one day. Forgive yourself and move on.

3. Drink loads of water.

4. Have a healthy breakfast – my breakie of choice is oats and a scoop of BIOGEN Iso-Whey with some berries.

image1 (2)

5. Go back to managing your portions and eating better.

6. To help re-inspire you to workout again, try a new gym class or run a new route etc.

7. Set a new goal– I love competing with myself and setting a challenge to work towards so that a goal in mind will also help get you back into it. I am currently doing a 12- week challenge I am part of. I am so excited to get stuck into meeting this challenge head on.

Hope these tips help you to get back into training after the month of fasting and then a food filled Eid celebrations. Don’t use this special day as an excuse to slack off!

Happy Healthy Fabulous