My weight loss journey was a long and winding road. Some may find it hard to believe but I was 15 kilograms over weight not even 5 years ago. I lost the weight about three years ago after some serious hard work and a complete nutrition and eating overhaul.

I first started gaining my weight at about 25 years old. Suddenly, my large appetite and bad eating habits did not go unnoticed to my body but rather, was starting to show. It was not fun.
Working in an industry that is very much based on appearance, it became evident very quickly that I was not going to get very far as a chubby girl (unlike the men, who can be obese but can still move forward in their careers – double standard…ugh!).

Fast forward to now and while I am living a healthier, happier life (with a trimmer waste line), I still found myself staring in the mirror, wishing I could just be “just 4 kilos lighter”, “have a flatter belly”, “have smaller thighs” (My poor husband was so tired of hearing this constantly).

This summer, I decided to try something different and just stop the over critical behavior and celebrate how far I had come, what my body helped me achieve and be generally more forgiving with myself.

I have got to say, it’s the best thing I could have ever done, I highly recommend it! I feel more confident and relaxed about my body image and am taking each day as it comes. My advice and lesson learnt – media images of what is beautiful and acceptable is all fabricated and at the end of the day, some magazine editorial team’s opinion of ‘perfect’ or ‘beautiful’. We as women, need to also stop body shaming one another. News Flash, there really is no point, because we ALL have some sort of body insecurity, (yes, even super models) so attacking one another will not make your imperfections go away, the best thing we could do is build each other up and if you really cannot say anything nice, for goodness sake, don’t say anything at all!

What really matters is feeling happy in your own skin and being free of any and all health issues – if you have that, you are golden and should count yourself one of the lucky ones!

Body Image combo



What I am wearing: Jacket: Billabong, Beach Bag: Billabong, Bikini: Sun Seeker, Jewellery: Romeo FoxTrot Designs

Photography : Tegan Smith