I’ll never forget the day the word ‘Fabufit’ popped into my mind. It was well over five years ago when it just came to me just after another workout like an epiphany. At this stage I had lost 15 kilos of unwanted fat and was feeling so proud of what I had accomplished.

I had this compelling need to share what I had learnt and perhaps in that way help others to reach their fitness and wellness goals. It was largely also because I had reached that point after much trial and error and trying various things and I wanted to spare people from going through the same thing I had. I decided to run events “Fabufit Events” – this was long before everyone else was doing fitness focused events – I thought if I could show people a different workout with every event, have a nutrition expert talk about healthy eating and perhaps showcase some health and fitness products this way – people would learn more about health and wellness.

This proved to be hard work being a one woman show and with a full-time job – it proved hard work to plan these events. I later decided to take my concept to a virtual platform in the form of “” and this is where my brainchild lived for the last four years. Through it I have helped countless people and been lucky enough to work with top local and international fitness brands.

But since finishing my studies as a personal trainer and making a career out of fitness – it became evident that the FABUFIT brand needed to find a physical location again. One that people could come to and experience my philosophy first hand.

If you follow my blog you will know I have been focusing on personal development and mastery, making sure my health was tip top not only physically but emotionally too. After having my baby and experiencing postpartum depression, I was reminded about the aspect of health that I had taken for granted and that was mental/emotional health which is as integral to overall wellness as physical health.

So when I was able to open the FABUFIT GYM in a location where there was an opportunity to provide my clients with a full service offering it was truly kismet! The FABUFIT Gym – is part of the Wellness on Alon centre – where there is a registered Dietitian, a Family doctor, a Life coach, Kinesiologist, Physiotherapist and a biokineticist all on site. Not to mention a health cafe that provides healthy meal options. So clients that come to the gym with specific goals can tackle those goals from all angles. I realised in my time working with people as a group training instructor and now as a personal trainer that weight loss or weight gain and health in general is a multi-layered issue for many people – it’s not always about getting your exercise and nutrition right, sometimes there could be so many other underlying factors keeping you from reaching your goals – at the FABUFIT GYM – I can now help people on all levels to achieve their goals.


I decided to make the gym ladies only because I found that my following especially since having my baby has been majority women and they were the ones reaching out to me for help. I needed to create a space that women felt safe and uninhibited to express themselves – this is what the FABUFIT GYM has to offer.


So far, we have two group classes on offer, ‘FF60’ (Fabufit 60) which is a fun functional training class, interval training. It is always different with every class and will always keep you challenged. Then we have a pre and post natal class called “Fabufit Mama” – which is a specifically for pregnant ladies and ladies who have just given birth.

More classes on the way…


The FABUFIT GYM is in it’s first month of existence and already I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful ladies and am so excited about helping them reach their wellness goals. The FABUFIT GYM is a haven for women to be and feel safe and inspired and motivated to be their best selves. I hope to meet you there soon!

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Photography: Main Picture – Tegan Smith