It’s officially the last day of summer. Yes, we may still get some more warm weather, but for me, I always felt a little sad on the last day of February. This year is a leap year, so people say special things happen in this year. I don’t know if its true but its a nice thought anyway.

Reflecting back on the summer that was, I can’t help but feel fulfilled, enlightened and optimistic for the rest of year. When I think of the awesome summer I had, this particular shoot on Glen Beach in Cape Town encapsulates the type of summer I had – fun, sun, laughter and re-energising.

I feel lucky to have undergone the personal growth I have experienced these past few months and I shared it with you in our ‘Summer School Series’.

To recap here they are:

1. Don’t be afraid to try something new – who knows, it just might be your calling or your talent.

2. Stop body shaming yourself and one another, embrace and appreciate your body and all it does for you daily. Be gentle with yourself.

3. Learn to appreciate your own company. It’s so important to be comfortable with being alone, its incredibly empowering. Master this, and you’ll never waste your time with negative people again.

4. Laugh at yourself and don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s so important for your body, mind and soul, to let loose and have some silly fun. It lightens your mood and your spirit.

And finally…

5. In conclusion, much like this blog posts serve as a record for my life lessons learnt, remember to save yours and share it with those who could learn from your experiences.








What I am wearing : bikini – Billabong; denim waistcoat – JayJays; Jewellery – Romeo Foxtrot Designs

Photography : Tegan Smith