When I got the email that Herbalife wanted to send me some products to try out I immediately assumed they were health shakes and weight loss products. It was only when the products arrived that I saw that they were in fact skin care products.

I won’t lie, I was very sceptical at first. We know Herbal Life to be about Nutrition products, not skincare. Their SKIN Range claims to help your skin be “softer, smoother, more radiant with diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” The ‘Herbalife SKIN 7-Day Results kit they sent me claimed to achieve these said results in just a week of using the products.

The kit consisted of:
Mini Soothing Aloe Cleanser (50ml)
Mini Daily Glow Moisturiser (15ml)
Mini Replenishing Night Cream (15ml)
Hydrating Eye Cream (2 x 2ml)
Firming Eye Gel (2 x 2ml)

My initial impression of the cleanser was it smelt really nice and fresh and is a clear gel that lathers as you apply it to your damp skin. It lasts longer than 7 days too, as I am still using it.


The Night Cream is rich and nourishing and just what one would want from a night time cream – moisturise and replenish any moisture one would have lost during the day.

The eye creams were good too, however, to me, I did not see a major difference to the darkness under my eyes.

The ‘Daily Glow Moisturizer’ was light and moisturising, however I was disappointed that it doesn’t contain an SPF sun block. So I had to apply some sunscreen over it and then my makeup primer, which I felt was a tad much. (They do have a moisturizer that contains SPF – their SPF 30 Protective Moisturizer.)


After using it for a week, I liked that it restored moisture to my skin, as the winter air had made it very dry, it had brought a glow to my skin. The biggest confirmation for me that these products were in fact working was when I visited my somatologist and she immediately commented that my skin looked visibly brighter and glowing. She has worked with my skin for almost six years, so if she noticed the change then I knew what I was seeing was not purely a placebo.

The Herbalife SKIN range is worth a try.

For more product information on Herbalife SKIN visit www.herbalifeskin.co.za


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