I am so addicted to my active wear. I could wear it all day long everyday. The best part is, it’s totally on trend these days what with ‘athleisure’ and ‘sports luxe’ becoming real style trends.
My favourite is grabbing a coffee on the way to the gym for the extra boost, perhaps even having one or two meetings in my active wear. If your apparel is stylish enough, in this day and age – it would be perfectly acceptable to go about your day as usual – in your gym gear.

Unless I am absolutely drenched through after a hard session, I would quite happily wear them all day after a workout, or better still get dressed in them before heading to the gym, run some errands and then head to the gym to get in a workout.

I’ve never understood why people wear their worst clothing to workout in, I feel it is so unnecessary as one can really find beautiful active apparel to fit every budget.

I must admit, I do tend to have a penchant for Lorna Jane. The quality, design and clever construction of their apparel is seldom matched by any other brand out there. I was so impressed with this black jacket which can be worn three ways. So really, it’s like buying three jackets in one – which really makes the price more understandable.

I am loving the monochrome and basic colour palette right now for my gym attire. It looks far more ‘sports luxe chic’ especially for running those errands and attending meetings in.

Whatever your budget – my advice, look your best – even in your active wear – it’ll make you feel more confident both in and out of the gym!

Dressed by: Lorna Jane South Africa, hightop sneakers – Nike

Special thanks to Starbucks Rosebank for providing our location 

Photography: Tegan Smith

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