I recently posted my post baby weight loss story and you were all so inspired and motivated after reading it. I didn’t want to stop there, I want to keep that momentum going bringing you more examples of women that took a while to lose the weight but none the less did it. I want you all to know, it really is irrelevant how long you have held on to your preggy weight, it’s never too late to turn things around.

Remember, you are not the exception, you are the norm – most women put on weight during their pregnancy and then struggle to lose it. It doesn’t make you lazy, a bad mom or person if you gained weight and are now struggling to lose it. So, if you’re beating yourself up about it – please, please stop. Comparing yourself to women that are more an exception to the rule and gained a few kilos and lost it soon after their baby was born will only be damaging to your weight loss journey. That was their story, remember, you don’t know what sacrifices they made during their pregnancy to reach those results, it may not be the kind of sacrifices you are willing to make, or the risks you wanted to take during your pregnancy.

Also, let’s be real – who cares if you put on weight during your pregnancy, I honestly don’t understand why women treat this like such a death sentence. If you had a healthy baby and he/she is thriving now – who cares about the weight – you can always lose it afterwards. Being a little chubbier or plump does not make you a leper or a freak, you’re still the same fabulous beautiful person and you know what – you are PERFECT in the eyes of your children!

So having said that, thanks to the magic of social media, I connected with Melissa Alcantara – who is she you would ask – well she is this badass personal trainer from Los Angeles who’s post baby weight loss transformation story even caught the eye of Kim Kardashian West. Melissa lost a wopping 70lbs (31kgs) over the course of a year. Her story inspired KimK so much, she is even now the personal trainer to Kim Kardashian as well.

I managed to interview Melissa in and among her busy schedule to hear straight from the horse’s mouth how she did it. She even had some motivating advice for all of you!

1. Tell us your pregnancy story, did you have an easy pregnancy and what were your eating habits like? How much weight did you gain?  

My pregnancy was really tough. I gained about 70lbs (31kgs) while I was pregnant and I felt like I was hungover, tired, and emotionally exhausted. My eating habits were not very good, I was just eating whatever, everyday and was very sedentary during my pregnancy.

2. How did you first start exercising and what initial changes did you make to your diet?

I started doing Insanity after watching an infomercial and followed the nutrition guidelines 100%. I was so determined that a year later I auditioned for the new Insanity program (Insanity Max30) and I made the cut; you can find me in half the videos of Insanity Max30. After that, I became increasingly more knowledgeable and I devoured all the knowledge I could come across in terms of health and fitness. I trained Jiu Jitsu, Crossfit, Yoga, and got really serious about bodybuilding. I have won in every sport that I have competed ever since, from Jiu Jitsu to bodybuilding. I read a lot and payed tons of attention to my body, that’s how I ended up with a nutrition-first approach to eating and training; I don’t eat just for looks, I eat to be the healthiest and strongest I can be.

3.You weren’t always into fitness and health – what brought about the change?

Not always. When I was in college, I became interested in working out and start going to the university’s gym…that’s where I met my husband. But after my pregnancy, I was tired of not feeling good, being out of shape, and overall just not in control of my body and how I felt. At this moment, I decided to start practicing self-love and get my ass to figure out how to eat healthy and work out. I made up up my mind and decided that there was no other path but to become the fittest person period.

4. How long did it take you to lose your baby weight?

It took me about a year to get rid of the extra 50-60lbs (22-27kgs) I was carrying around. The last 20lbs (9kgs) were the hardest, it took me a dedicated 60 days of training hard and eating perfectly for those to finally leave me.

5. How do you balance being a mom, running a home and keeping to your rigorous training schedule?

I struggle, a ton. But my family is very supportive and we figure it out together day in and day out. I love my family and they love me back with as much intensity, which you can tell how intense I am LOL.

6. What would be your advice to moms who are still struggling to lose the baby weight and are feeling lost and unmotivated?

To not worry about what they have done or haven’t done. To come into fitness with curiosity and a genuine desire to make themselves better, to get results for themselves and to practice self-love. I say this because you should never try to get healthy or in shape for someone else, you YOURSELF have to want it. I can recommend them my program (fitgurlmel.com), but I also suggest they try any program they feel attracted to. It’s easy to miss a workout when you don’t have a program, you need accountability and a clear objective to show up every day and do what you need to do to get better every single day.

In conclusion…

If I can leave you with one thought – I want to emphasise again, if Melissa’s story didn’t already drive the point home – the pregnancy weight gain can happen to anyone no matter where you come from and you can decide at any point to lose the weight and you can most certainly achieve it! All you need is a little dedication and hard work.

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Happy Healthy Fabulous

Photography: Transformation pics supplied by Melissa,

Professional images of Melissa by @jeffreyschu