I recently attended the launch of the Lorna Jane Active Living Room at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. The first of its kind in Africa, the Active Living Room is more than just an active wear boutique, but rather the embodiment of the Lorna Jane philosophy – ‘MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE’.
The Lorna Jane brand came to our shores a few short years ago and it instantly resonated with me. Lorna Jane is an Australian active wear brand started by its name sake – Lorna Jane Clarkson, who started her career in the fitness industry. The reason I instantly connected with the brand was its inspiring messaging on the clothing and merchandise but also in the store itself. This brand is all about empowering women.

The Lorna Jane brand is built firmly on the philosophy of inspiring and promoting you to MOVE  your body everyday in any way you love, ditch the fad diets and rather NOURISH your body with healthy, unprocessed whole foods and lastly, through the array of clothing and other merchandise the brand aims to encourage women to BELIEVE in themselves and ultimately be the best they can be.

Now, unless you’re interested in the brand to the level I am, one would not experience or understand the Lorna Jane philosophy completely, by just walking in occasionally for a browse. So this is where the Active Living Room will change everything…

There is a small exercise studio for a maximum of 9 ladies (including the instructor). The intimate setting is quite nice as it does allow for individual attention even in a class setting. During the December period all classes will be free – they have yoga and Pilates on offer. However, in the new year they will have strength training and personal training options too. An added bonus is that these classes are exclusively for women only. (See the timetable for December below article.) Lorna Jane 3
Pop into the Active Living Room for a healthy snack (e.g Protein balls, kale chips etc) or a refreshing drink (E.g cold-pressed juices, coconut water etc) at their Nourish Bar. Lorna Jane 5
One thing I love about Lorna Jane stores unlike other active wear shops – the minute you walk in your senses are already bombarded by the inspiring messaging and bright, positive colours. The brand expands not just to clothing but multiple cook books and inspirational books written by Lorna Jane Clarkson which just further aims to encourage women to ‘Believe’ in their potential.

Lorna Jane 4
While the brand is priced at a premium, I must just say from personal experience that their quality is unmatched by any other brand on the market. I am still wearing gym bras and tops and tights I bought three years ago at the first store in Morningside Mall, Johannesburg, and they are all in perfect condition after multiple washes.

If you have never stepped into a Lorna Jane store and are now curious to, I encourage you to go visit any one of their stores but more so, the Lorna Jane Active Living Room and give yourself a chance to really live the brand in one retail experience – MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE.

Lorna Jane Timetable